The project:
The purpose is to teach to a group of young students how to use studio lighting in a photo studio.
A workshop could take place on a day in the Youth Centre where a group could develop their skills in studio photography by portraying each other.

Organisation and timetable on a workshop day:
(A large room indoor is required to set up the studio)
10.30 AM – Setting up the studio
11 AM – Introduction to the basics of studio photography (security, types of lighting, equipments…)
11.30 AM – Shooting portraits
2 pm – 2.30 pm – Tea Break
4. 45 pm – Editing and Postproduction : Introduction to the digital software, effects, photoshop…). Each participant edits their 3 best images.
4.30 pm /5.30 pm – Printing the pictures (6X4). The participants go home with their 3 best pictures printed (One one tShirt transfer paper/ 2 on a A 4 photo paper).
Participants will also have the option to download their own pictures in full resolution within 2 days on a private gallery.